Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Moving: Collection of Posts

Left: Our Old House

Right: Our New House that we moved into Summer 2013

I've got to admit...I don't like moving one bit. Well, maybe I like getting into a new house, but the whole process just isn't fun to me. Nevertheless, I've moved several times and have developed ways to make each move a little easier on ourselves. These tips are the ones I go back to because they worked for me. Everyone moves a little differently, so take what works for you and forget the rest.

Looking for more pictures/details? I've linked all of my moving posts below!

  • Start packing in little spurts as soon as you know you'll be moving. I've found it's better to pack 1-3 boxes every day than to crash and burn a month before my departure date. The thing is, I always have more to do right before the move than I think, even if I have been preparing all along. And when that time comes where things just seem to come out of the walls, I sigh a sigh of relief that I'm not also packing the many, many boxes I'm finished with.
  • Set up a packing tub full of the things you'll need as you pack around the house. My tub gets messier as we move closer to moving time, but it's always in one place. Where's the scissors? In the packing tub. Where's that permanent marker? Check the packing tub. I just hate looking all over the house for things right when I'm ready to really start working, and the packing tub cuts down on this quite a bit. You only have to find where you set the packing tub last time you were packing, not the scissors, tape gun, trash bags, markers, etc.
  • Get nice sturdy, easily carried boxes and label them all the same way. We love Barnes and Noble boxes! They were the perfect size to carry heavier items and they weren't too cluttered with ads and words. Plus, they were free. And, I don't spend a lot of time labeling. I use a simple black permanent marker, a notepad, and pen. No fancy notebook set-up for this gal.
  • Don't think you're stuck with only boxes. For example, "packing" blankets and stuffed animals away in big recycle bags places them out of daily use so they won't mess up the house while you're showing it, but still gives you access to padding for big breakables when they get packed later down the road.
  • De-clutter like you've never de-cluttered before. Always keep a donate bag and trash bag handy. Anything you get rid of doesn't have to be packed at all--and believe me, that's worth it. Moving is expensive and tiring no matter how much or little you have, but the less stuff the better!  Every truck load to the trash means a truck load less on moving day. Every van load to the thrift store or donation center means that much less in the moving van. Little stuff takes up lots of space when it's all packed for a move. However, there are a few things I would hold off de-cluttering until after you move.
  • Lighten your workload and schedule as much as you can before starting to show your house.
  • While you're packing, ask yourself often, "If I can live without this in a box for 6 months, do I really need it?" Sure, there will be plenty of things you will want to keep that can be packed; keepsakes, the majority of your books, etc. But, be discerning. Don't pack stuff just because you can. Get rid of more than you think you can.
  • Be willing to let go of plans if they don't work or you feel God tugging you in a new direction.
  • Even when everything seems to be about moving, don't forget to leave it all behind you and go spend some time with your family doing something fun!
  • When un-packing, don't think you have to find the perfect spot the first time. Assign homes to things in a logical manner. As long as you can find them comfortably, you will be able to find and use everything you need and it will stay neater. You can take your time to find a permanent home for things as you settle in and get in a routine. There will be things you learn about your house (like that there's a really convenient trash can right above a great spot for the cutting board) that you won't think of right away. Allow yourself that discovery time before finding permanent homes for your things, but don't leave stuff in boxes. Boxes are the least convenient spot for anything to be usable.

Are you moving or thinking seriously about it? Here, you'll find links to my moving related posts. Plus, at the bottom of this page I've posted a link-up party where you can find all sorts of moving stories or advise.

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