Monday, September 3, 2012

Making Space Mondays #14 and Exciting News!

I am so excited to share with you some news on our house! The foundation has been poured!!!

Yesterday, we went out to look at our new house being built since we suspected the foundation had been poured. It was so exciting to walk on the floor of our new house and stand in different rooms as Josh mentally laid our for the kids where everything was. Abby was super excited that she was the first person to stand in her room! Abram thought it was funny when Daddy pretended to sit on what would be the new toilet. And I was excited to stand at the place where my new island would be.

I know that most women like me would also be excited about an island in their new kitchen, but I had a very special reason to be excited about that spot. You see, our family decided to do something very special right there--something symbolic. We put a bible there so that the foundation of our home would be on the Word of God!

We had been hoping and praying that this would all work out and after talking to the Cervelle manager in charge of our build we were confident that we could make it happen. He told us that it wasn't uncommon to bury something--he had even had an Indian couple who buried a dead raven--Eew. I just wanted to make sure that an object being set down under the foundation wouldn't disturb the structure. They were fine with the whole thing and let us know when it would be happening so that we could stop by the evening before to put it in. Then he let the contractor know that it would be there so that it wouldn't be disturbed.

Josh dug out his old high school bible and we talked all the way there about which verses we wanted to put our names next to. They decided on a couple and I sat in the front looking through and finding the verse and passing the bible and a pen back. Abby circled hers in squiggly lines and even wrote a note to Jesus at the top of one. Abram was more matter of fact--this is the one, circle, name.

I even chose one for bubby from Psalms about Infants being ordained for praise.

Then, starting with Daddy's hand, we each laid our hand on the bible and traced around it so that one was inside another. I hope to copy this someday a little prettier, but it was going to be underground so I wasn't too picky.

Then we laid our hands one on top of another and dedicated our family and house to the Lord.

It makes me tear up every time I see this picture of Josh leaning over to place the bible in the foundation as the older kids look on.
And, see that pipe sticking up right above where they put the bible in? The crooked one. That's where my new kitchen island will be! We chose to put the bible in the kitchen because it's the heart of our home, and just like we ask Jesus to live in our hearts, we want the word of God to also be in the heart of our home--physically and centrally to our daily lives.

The following day, Josh drove past our house to take a picture while it was still dark and wet. The foundation's been laid!! Isn't that exciting!?!

So, are there any family traditions of symbols that you have used when moving into a new home? I'm thinking of what we can do to make our move in that first day really special. Any ideas?


  1. Thanks so much for hosting. And thank you for this lovely post. What a wonderfully symbolic way to etch in your children's hearts how important the Word of God is in your lives! Blessings to you this Labor Day!

    1. Thanks Nici! I know it will be a very special memory for us to look back on and talk about. I hope it brings up more conversations with my children in the future. -Tabitha

  2. How exciting for you!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting

  3. We, too, are building a new home! Ours is almost complete and we are moving in 9/28!!!! That is a very differt foundation than I have ever seen then realized, no basement:). God bless every inch of your new home. Love the idea of the Bible. XO, Pinky

    1. Oh how exciting! I'm so very excited about a new home and I've still got a ways to go. Yeah, Houston would be a terrible place for a basement--that would be like asking for a flooded room. It's nice to meet you, Pinky! -Tabitha

  4. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week. Congrats on your house!

  5. Just linked up, thanks for hosting♥

  6. Wow how very exciting! Treasure these memories and hold them close! May your home always be built on the solid word of God!
    dee dee

  7. What an amazing post!! Oh, that is so touching and awesome. Psalm 91 is my everyday prayer! I love it. I'm trying to get my post finished and I will link up just as soon as it's done. I've been out of town, and I'm so behind. HUGS sweet friend!! Can't wait to see more of your house! :)

    1. Oh, thank you Kathy! It's my favorite Psalm by far. If you go back to my very first link up party on Easter Sunday, you'll see the story behind Psalm 91 in my life. It's really nice to meet you. -Tabitha

  8. What a great idea to bury a bible. I am so happy for you and your new home.


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