Friday, August 24, 2012

Moving Challenge #4

Stuffed Toys, Pillows, and Bulky Blankets

As I get nearer putting our house on the market, it starts becoming clear what is making the most mess in our home--stuffed toys and pillows! They are big and easy to throw around. They are dragged here and there, they are pulled into each corner that makes a cool tent, and 10 minutes after making the beds they're back on the floor again.

They needed to be put up like yesterday!

So, that's the next challenge:

Gather all but one stuffed toy for each child, all decorative pillows and blankets, and any other plush items that aren't needed on a daily basis. I just bagged mine all up in big recycle bags, ready to throw in the trunk of a car or moving van on the big day. If you're worried about water or bugs, I would double bag them before putting them away in whatever space you have to store your packed things.

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