Monday, August 5, 2013

We've Moved IN!!!

Oh my, folks. This was the longest, hardest, weirdest move we have ever made!

But...we're finally moved in. FINALLY.

We found the house of our dreams, but the sellers weren't ready to move until the kids were out of school for the year. Since our house had already sold, we had to MOVE TWICE. Talk about the ultimate in difficult moves, moving twice in 6 weeks.

For the duration of the 6 weeks, we moved the bare essentials to my parents old house that they were trying to sell and staged it while we were there. We haven't got the final word yet, but they had two interested parties and might have a sell--we hope.

After all of that, we decided to hire movers the second time around. Still not convinced that was the best thing we could've done. They moved all the furniture and packed boxes, but left a ton of bins and odds and ends behind. It still took us a day of moving after the movers were finished. Oh well. At least Josh didn't have to break his back moving twice. The heavy stuff was done.

So, I know you're really just waiting for the pictures, right?

Welcome to our new home!

Dreamy corner lot on a culdesac, with trees galore.

And a swing-set that stayed!
It's so exciting when you see the moving truck pull in front of your new house!

Just put those there...and there, and there, and there, I guess.

Toys go upstairs, Daddy. Can I help?

Hmm...what goes in here?

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