Friday, August 24, 2012

Not Just Boxes

When I think about moving, the first thing that pops into my mind is boxes-and for good reason. But...don't assume that boxes are the only way to pack for a move. To save money and space, use what you already have on hand to pack up your stuff.

Obviously, some things will need boxes. See this post for where I get mine.
What to pack in boxes:
Sturdy sqaure-ish stuff, like books, notebooks, paper, and small things already contained in a small box or container.
Bulky, off shaped decor that isn't breakable or can be protected from breaks easily.
Small, odd shaped items that fit in between these things to fill the box.
Blankets and Sheets:
You don't need to go straight out and buy paper to wrap you breakables in. Use your extra blankets, sheets, pillow cases, old wrapping paper, excess towels, table cloths, napkins, and whatever other things you can find around the house. You can get rid of them when you're unpacking if they're clutter or throw them in a basket to be washed if you want to keep them.

Dressers and Furniture Drawers:
I know that this dresser is going to Abby's room in the new house, so it made sense to pack some of her things inside the drawers instead of boxes. It's far less likely for things to break if they're contained in solid sided drawers. Just make sure the things you're packing in them aren't very heavy and that they won't fly out when the guys are carrying each drawer to the moving truck.


Tubs and Containers with Lids:
These are probably the sturdiest "boxes" you have. If you have extras or can borrow some, they are wonderful for packing glass and breakables that you're worried about crushing. They are also good for the lighter things you'll pack, like off-season clothing and art supplies that shouldn't be crunched but are still light. Have you ever put a heavy box on top of one that was loaded with sheets? After a few days, the whole stack of boxes starts leaning and can fall. It's wise to pack the heaviest on the bottom and lighter boxes on top, but if you have tubs it's even easier. 

Suitcases, Duffles, and Backpacks:
These are meant to hold stuff, so don't forget about using them to pack. They are great for extra shoes, bathroom goods, off season clothing, and extra things that you think you may need to use before the big day but you hope not. Keep these in easy reach for if weather changes early or a special party occurs where you need the pink stockings you put away. Same goes with medicine or extra toothpaste. You probably won't need it in the next 3-4 months, but if you do, it's great to know it's packed in a convenient place that doesn't require cutting the box open.

Recycle bags:
These are wonderful for clothes, stuffed animals, and bulky pillows and quilts. The clothes just hang right back up and transfer straight into the new closet. Pillows take up a huge amount of space and in my home would require quite a number of boxes. Just make sure that you can distinguish between the bags you use for packing and those you use for trash. I use see-through to prevent any accidental tossing of our good stuff. 

 While I love boxes, they can be expensive (I got mine free) and they aren't always the best option. If you're moving, try some of these packing ideas to save money and space.

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