Friday, August 24, 2012

Moving Challenge #2

Don't make the mistake of making the kitchen your very last area to tackle! It may need to be the last of the boxes packed, but if you begin with the end in mind, you'll have a lot less to pack last minute.

1. Find two tubs and empty out a few drawers into them. If you have used an item within the last couple of days you can just put it back into the drawer. When you need something, use it and then when it's clean again put it back in the drawer where it goes. Every time you have a bag of thrift store goods ready to go, rummage through and get rid of anything you have accepted is never/rarely used and you're ready to let it go. As the bin gets empty, fill it back up with different drawers in the kitchen.

2. Look through your food stash and pull out things that you DON'T use often and fill up the second bin with those items. Rummage through it daily and see what you can use up--less waste and less weight while moving. Throw out anything that's left right before you move your food to the new house. 

 I had this lemonade up in the pantry still sealed for months. Now we make it all the time because I can see it. I use the boxed broth all the time, but I have too many for moving them, so I'd rather just use them up so I add them to the tub as well.
Look at the huge mess! That's only 3 drawers worth. Abby saw this and immediately rescued her cookie cutters, lol. There are some things in there I didn't even remember having. Wow!

Keep these tubs going until the move and you'll have much less kitchen mess to move at the end!

That's it for one challenge! Now kick your feet up for a show and then get back up off your, (Okay, so my show today was Clean House...can you tell?)


  1. The kitchen was one of the first rooms I tackled when we decided to move. To me it made sense to pack away items we rarely used, extra items, and seasonal pieces. I used a packing inventory sheet, just incase we did need something I packed but it never came to that. When moving day came, I was so thankful that I had already done the kitchen. We were left with the essentials for everyday living, and packing them up was a breeze. It also made a world of difference on move-in day. In under an hour I had our everyday essentials unpacked, cleaned and put away! I was cooking in our new home our first day there, and nothing makes a new place feel like home faster than homecooked meals.

    1. I'm seriously impressed. I've never cooked the first day. Maybe I should make that my goal this time around. Last time I moved, everything was ready to go when people showed up to help--except the kitchen. I thought it was close to ready, but I was so wrong. I have nightmares about that room--just kidding. Anyway, do you have a post about moving that we could read? I could use all the help I can get. -Tabitha


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