Friday, August 24, 2012

Moving Challenge #1

Sometimes during a move you tunnel through a huge amount of tasks like it's nothing and then WHAM...what to do next. It's like everything comes to a hault and goes turtle slow. When everything slows to a crawl and you just want to get one small task done at a time, you can choose a moving challenge to get you back on the move.

Here's Moving Challenge #1:
(These in no way need to be in order. If you feel stuck, try one of the other challenges.)

Reduce your laundry down by bagging the excess.

One of the first things I do in a move is reduce my work load by reducing the amount of laundry I have to wash. My daughter LOVES her clothes and having lots of choices, so we don't get rid of them...we just pack them away until we move.

1. Make sure you have 7 pairs of everyday pants, 3 pairs of shorts (or 10 bottoms all together--depending on the season currently and the one coming up), 10 tops to match (with at least 3 of them being for season highs/lows), 3 dresses, 7 socks, 12 underware, and 3 pair of shoes. Put these aside so you know these are to be kept out.

2. Chose one person to focus on and start some laundry. As it gets done, hang them or fold them as normal and sort them into long sleeve and short sleeve, pants, dresses, etc. If you or your child see things that should go, bag them up. Keep out the favorites in the numbers above or what you know you need.

3. When the stacks of extras get large enough "pack" them. I pack hanging clothes by cutting a small "v" in the top of a recycle bag and pulling them over the hangers. This fences them off as unexcessable and yet if it changes seasons before you move it's not like you're digging through boxes.

...and I pack the excess socks/undies/pjs in a sports bag or small suitcase for the same reason.

That's it for one challenge. This one is a "rinse and repeat" kind of challenge, so come back to it for each family member.

This is a simple but time consuming challenge, so you deserve a pat on the back for each time you finish!

Happy Moving! -Tabitha

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