I adore homeschooling my children!

I really can't say it any better than that, I don't think. And, even though I know it's not the life for many people, I'm 100% sure this is my calling in life. I am a home-school mom.

Over the years many things have changed, and still are changing. Our focus. The time we spend per day doing "table" work. The curriculum we use. But...there are some things that just never change. These have become our core home-schooling values.

Home-making is important. I really think if a man or woman can earn an "A" in physics but can't figure out how to fix themselves a decent lunch or load the dishwasher, we've missed the point.

We start 'em young and fun! Their very first chore is throwing away their own diaper, and as soon as they point to the running water they're boosted up to join Mama. It's messy and slow, but worth every spill.

Above: Abby in 2004 when I let her make a huge mess "heppin" with dishes.

Right: Bubzy, our littlest, earlier this year escaping with the bottom part to the dishwasher! Sissy and Bubba weren't letting him help, so he took matters into his own hands. We all bellowed laughter as he took it for a spin around the house several times.

Reading is THE most important subject and every child learns to read a little differently.

Abby loved white boards and was great at phonetic understanding, but Abram just caught on fast and enjoyed reading in odd places and positions.

We take God's word very seriously, and learning to read is the foundational skill in a personal faith and understanding of His word.

It's also foundational to learning almost anything. I believe if a young person can read well, they can learn anything they put their mind to.

How I Teach My Children To Read

Math is mostly manipulatives (at least early on)! Sure, we have workbooks and drills...but they take a back-burner to hands on math.
 But one thing that never takes a back-burner is PLAY!
(We believe playing is an integral part to the development of a young brain, and we allow plenty of time for just that.)
History, Science, and other learning are a mixture of books, experiences, and chatting through each day:
And never underestimate the influence of an involved Daddy!!

There's so much more I could say about our home-schooling adventure! I just wanted to give you an overview peak at our home-schooling life. It's a fun one and a hard one, but it's the best life ever. We love it!
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