Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poor woMans Way to Pack Stem Ware

I know it may look prettier to buy the expensive boxes with the little dividers already fixed in them to keep your stem ware from clanging together and breaking, but I'm really not worried about a box looking nice for the duration of a move. I just want them to get to their destination without breaking. But how?

Like this! No need for fancy boxes. Just some workbooks, magazines, or folders, and some readers or other small, thin books.

Start with a liner bag:

Then find some cushy place mats of something similar.

Line the bottom of your box with them to add a layer of cushion, then place each glass about an inch apart to leave room for dividers.
You can use old workbooks, a stack of file folders, or magazines to give cushion and separation between each line of glasses.

Like this. Also, line the edges of the box, too, for added cushion between one box and another. This is more cushion than any fancy box has added in.
Now, find some early readers or other small books (Reader's Digest works well), and use them as separators between each individual glass.
Like this. Don't they look nice and cozy? No clanging, no falling over, and no rattling. Fill extra space with dishes that make sense in the space. If there's any room left, fill it or things will have the opportunity to move around.
I used old cloth place mats and napkins as filler for the shorter glasses.

Then, I put a final layer of place mats on top and closed the sealed the bag with tape. Now they're all safe and sound until we arrive.

I also filled the empty space around the edge with plastics that I don't worry about getting wet.
P.S. Be sure to LABEL your box FRAGILE!!

So...what other things do you have that would work as padding and separators? Linking Up to these Amazing blogs:
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