Friday, July 6, 2012

A Weekly Moving Schedule

I've set up my weekly schedule to prepare for the move. It may need to be changed as I get nearer the day of moving, but so far this will probably work.

Sunday--Rest and dream, no physical duties
Monday--Thrift store run and errands
Tuesday--Clothes, linens, towels, or any other cloth, plus bathroom stuff
Wednesday--Focused Decluttering in area or space, list things more complicated
Thursday--Grab and toss day, trash and thrift store items, make your way around the house twice, another quick thrift store run if needed
Friday--Kitchen and books/magazines
Saturday--Outdoors and Garage

A Word on Schedules:

A schedule is mearly a thought ahead reminder. It is not meant to tie you down to that thing. If you're in the middle of decluttering clothes on Tuesday, you've got them scattered all over the living room and you're only half done by nightfall, you don't have an obligation to stop on Wednesday. You dub Wednesday's focus to be the living room in this case. A schedule's just a reminder, so that when you're sitting around on Friday saying, I'm so overwhelmed and I have no idea what to do next, you can look and find that Kitchen or books would be a great place to tackle.

As you get deeper into the process, you will have to change out some of the catagories. Let's say in a couple of weeks you've wittled down your linens to two pairs of sheets per bed and they're all organized and containerized. Your towels are bare bones necessity with all extras that you couldn't part with packed in boxes, and you're wondering if you left enough clothes to last you two more months. It's time to change that catagory to Bathroom stuff and Medicine Cabinets, or something similar. Once you uncover one layer another will become more obvious. You start with the layers that are most obviously packed to the brim with clutter/stuff and are taking over your time to deal with and then when those things are wittled down, you'll realize that there's another waiting to be dealt with.

If you have a weekly cleaning schedule, make it as similar to that as possible. My errand and grocery shopping day is Monday so it's not that big of a deal to drop off thrift store items on that day. Typically, on Thursday, I do a trash grab and toss, looking through each room for stray trash. It's amazing how much you find when you're really looking--toys newly purchased with chore money, unwrapped and packaging laying on the floor, the chicken sandwich you intended to eat for leftovers four days ago, the mail you forgot to sort for the last week, etc. Now, I just take two trips or even three, searching in the same grab-and-toss way, anything that I wouldn't mind throwing in the thrift store. Anyway, the more similar to your regular schedule you can make it, the better. Don't copy mine unless you don't have any schedule at all. Base it on your own routine.

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