Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guess What This Is?!!!

 This is the HOPE of a new home! We put ernest money down on a new house yesterday and I'm beyond excited!!!!

We let the kids get out and roam our saved lot for a little while and took a few pictures. We'll have better ones to come, but the baby was asleep in the van, so we were pretty much stuck to one place taking the pics.

In the picture below, do you see the grey rectangle near the edge of the fence? It's close to Abby's head. Those are the mail boxes for our part of the neighborhood. They'll be super close. We picked a corner lot so that I could sit on our driveway under the port colture and see down the street two directions when the kids ride bikes. That's one of their favorite things to do! For the same reason, we chose a lot near the back of the neighborhood. There will be far less traffic and just beyond our street, the neighborhood ends with the last row of houses. The kids can ride their bikes in a huge rectangle and I can see them for quite a ways before they turn and circle back around.
The kids look so far back, don't they! That's because Cervelle homes are built on bigger lots. We're standing on the front end and they're in what will be our back yard. Abby looks like she might be coming through the back door into the kitchen, lol. The fence behind will be ours, too. Where it changes color is where our property ends and the next one begins. It's just so exciting!!
Please be praying for us! We have to sell our house for a certain amount to make all of this work. Hopefully, we'll be moving between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Whooo!

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