Sunday, July 29, 2012

Making Space Mondays, Link Party #9

My sister and her son are HERE--yay! The guest bedroom was such a dungeon before and I really wanted to clean it out and make it feel welcoming for her. She'll be buying a bookstore near us and is staying here until all the paper work is finished and the little apartment attached is cleaned out.

The challenge was in keeping myself from spending any money at all since we'll be moving soon and I'm not making in purchases for the house until we get there. I pulled things from different rooms and mainly just cleared the room of all the mounds of clutter. Judging by that room people could've guessed we had lived here forever!

Here are the results. It could've been a lot better if we could've painted first, but the whole back of the house is going to be done soon so it would've been wasted effort.

Like it? So what have y'all been working on? I would love to see your guest bedrooms along with any other spaces you've been working on.

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