Friday, March 30, 2012

How I Organize My Fridge

 This is how my fridge looks when it's totally stocked and organized. I love my fridge and wanted to show it off for the Organization Home Tour.

These are more detailed pictures of what's on my fridge shelves. I'm not the finest cook...yet, lol, so we depend on a weekly group of salads and juicing to down those nutrients. I've been loosing a little wait since I started.
 I love, love, love my red box! Anything I know I'll forget about if it sneaks to the back of the fridge goes in here. It's for those items I really need to use now if they're not going to be wasted. It also helps me keep my fridge cleaner if I just clean this out every week and do the rest as I need. It's not quite so big a task.
In the door, I keep my eggs and dressings and such. At the bottom, those 3 jars are for fast food sauces that are left over--ketchup packets, soy sauce, hot mustard, etc. The two little cups aren't usually there. They were left over fruit from Abby and Abram's breakfast.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Fridge!!

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Someone was asking me where I got my salad bowls. I got mine from Target a few years back. The closest I could find to mine are below through Amazon. I can't see how big they are though. Mine are 8.1 quart and 4.6 quart.

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