Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 2 and 3 of No t.v.

Day 2: Total Bliss

Seriously, the day couldn't have gone better! It was as if everything slowed down and life was simple again. We played Lego's with Bubzy, the kids pretended everything imaginable, and we ate dinner as a family. It was glorious.

I felt really laid back all day, but Josh still commented on how much we must have done. I didn't think we had done that much, it was so laid back--just cleaned up the kid's rooms, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, picked up the living room, and cleaned up our bedroom...and a little spelling. Wow! I was really amazed at how much I got done.

(old picture, since blogger is not wanting to upload new ones right now, and I'm not going to spend more than my allotted time on it)

This picture reminds me of the simplicity that Day 2 felt like.

Observations from Day 2:

  • Pretend play became the biggest form of entertainment and play with the kids.
  • Even Josh joined in with Just Dance--so funny!!
  • Interruptions are far less annoying.
  • Everyone is in the kitchen when you cook--Oh my gosh!! Get out from under my feet, people!
  • Dinner at the table just happens. It just does. Why not?

Day 3: Tired and Bored

Today has been worse on our nerves. Abby slides down the side of the couch, groaning that there's nothing to do. Abram keeps singing Christmas songs over and over and over again. All I want to do is nap cause I'm off the Christmas sugar high and very tired.

I end up at the table making up copy work for the kids school since we're starting Monday. Seriously can't wait since it'll give us all something to concentrate on. First complaint about no t.v. today. I read a lot in my bible, which was nice.

The kids played on Wii fit for awhile until they started fighting over it and I made them turn it off. I soooo need some coffee! I took a nap with Bubzy and the kids got out the Lego's. Things start to get better. We'll be grocery shopping tonight, so at least we can get out of the house for a while.

Observations from Day 3 of No t.v.:

  • Children follow me around a lot more. They are constantly in the room with me and I'm observing much more of how they play than normal. Pleasant, but LOUD. They are so active, and did I mention loud?
  • I really notice when I'm bored, tired, lonely, and hungry. It's like the signals turned up several notches. The same with the kids. They get hungrier faster and ask for attention more often.
  • Is this REALLY how they act when they're playing in their rooms? Abram's arms and legs are flailing everywhere and they're flinging each other across the room! FUNNY and extremely stressful. Don't bump...wait, be just...don't...whoa! And did I tell you how loud everything is around here?
  • There's seriously less fighting.
  • We are SO easily entertained! The kids see Bubzy sticking his hiney in the air and decide they're all going to copy him--then they laugh and roll around on the floor. Please don't break my window when you flip!!


  1. What a brave thing to do! We tried it once and did not make it the whole time allotted! Sounds like you are on a roll! Cheering you on!
    dee dee

    1. Thanks, Dee Dee! I could use cheering--and prayer. -Tabitha

  2. I know you guys are just doing the no T.V. thing, but you made me think of this post and thought you'd enjoy reading it. It's about a mom who takes away ALL of her kids toys! :)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

    1. Thanks!! I would love to read it. My husband sent me a link to a mom's article about disconnecting to reconnect, or something like that. Maybe I'll post a link--it was amazing and so timely. Thanks, Margaret! -Tabitha

    2. Margaret, I'm not finding the link. It went to her blog, maybe, but not to the post about putting away all the toys. I would love to read it if you would post the link again, please. Thanks, Tabitha

    3. So sorry, I thought I had linked it. Here it is:


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