Monday, August 20, 2012

Making Space Mondays, Link party #12

I've been working on my home-school yearbook lately and I'm just enjoying myself so much that I wanted to share some of my homeschooling pictures with you. I used to write a home-schooling blog back before this one but I quit because everyone seemed to have an opinion and it was just too much stress--and too personal, for me. But...sometimes when I'm writing on this blog, I get so bogged down in house stuff that I forget to show the home in it all!

So, I wanted to take a moment and show you our little home-schooling family. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our home and maybe, just maybe, I'll start adding in a glimpse on a more frequent basis.

We've been home-schooling our children from the get go. We're what some people refer to as Second Generation Homeschoolers. My husband was home-schooled from 5th grade on and graduated a home-schooler. I was home-schooled from 4th through 6th, so I just got a glimpse and then went back into public school. So, you see, we've experienced home-schooling from both sides, as students and then as teachers--second gen. We wouldn't have it any other way--this is a life-style for us!

Abby and Abram play with little Joshua while Mama cooks breakfast some mornings.

Nearly every school morning, Aunt Leah joins us for our school day. Just in time for dishes! (Actually, she's a wonderful helper who usually volunteers for chores.) They all work as a team to get the kitchen tidied up.

In the evenings, Daddy always takes out some time with the kiddoes. Little Joshua started waving his hand and making noises at the airplane, so as any good daddy would, he took him for a plane ride. Don't worry guys, Daddy's got a private license to fly. This became a nightly ritual for a while after that ride, as Joshua would repeatedly grunt and kick his legs to get daddy back over to the plane.

My sturn, I mean business face.

Chai Tea is a special treat at our house and they love making themselves some when they can.

Table work takes a big chunk of our day, but we enjoy doing it together.

This day for Social Studies, we reread one of their old favorites, "The Story of Ping", a book about the Yangtze River. It went well with their day's history lesson. 

While the painters were painting our house a few months ago, our school days were moved to Marmi's house, where we learned to make our own butter.

I hope you enjoyed the little detour. I know I did!

Today, let's get a little creative for our link party. If you want to post the projects and spaces, than post away--but if you would like to take a little detour as well, than post a link relating to who you are as a family. Happy Linking!!

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