Sunday, September 16, 2012

Making Space Mondays, Link Party #15 continues

Nine times out of ten church is sitting in a pew soaking up what the preacher has to say, but today it's at a park watching my children play. Church is extra special on days like this. I sit and watch them laugh and hollar, with smiles so big it reminds me of how blessed I am. I think nothing of what they haven't learned yet or how messy the house is. I just think about their beautiful smiles, their unhindered happiness, and their goodness. It's only at these church "services" of 5 people that I truly get that God accepts me. That He wants me to be happy and free and myself. That He's not worried about the trash that's overflowing my can or the dark ring in the guest bathroom that would only take minutes if I'd just get to it. No. He's thinking about the smile He created me to wear. he allows a slight breeze to flutter the yellow cover of my most resent book. He opens my ears to hear the light scraping sound of dead leaves against the park walkway. He brings to my attention the everyday cars passing by to remind me how even when my life is busy, He is still calm and in control...and I am still under His wing.

-Thoughts from This Morning. Tabitha

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