Wednesday, May 15, 2013

After the After Picture

This morning I was thinking about how fast messes are made.

So, day before yesterday, I perfected the kitchen breakfast area for pictures. There were maybe five dishes hidden in the sink, all the counters were wiped down, the floors swept, every inch of counter space get the idea.

Actually, let me show you:

It felt great to FINISH. I clean, tidy, shuffle around, every day--but many times it just doesn't get all the way to done. But, I have the pics to prove it. It was done.
That VERY NIGHT after dinner. This is the picture I took upon waking this morning...before anyone even grabbed a bowl for breakfast. I mean this is literally less than 12 hours from after to After the "after":
Oh My Word! Only 12 hours!'s not like I didn't do any dishes. I cleaned up after breakfast. And you see the trashcan? FULL to overflowing. It's not like we didn't throw away anything.
So, here's the After the After breakdown.
The water bottles, chips and bags are just a few on the way home groceries Josh brought home. We ran out of juice, milk and cereal, and the milk was all that got put up while I cooked dinner.
The papers in the middle of the table were the kids writing "I will not fight." 5x each.
The broom on the floor is Bubzy's and he pulled it out to sweep.
The juice-cup was a dig-out of Bubzy's exploration through cabinets.
The dishes on the butcher block were all used for cooking dinner. We ate on paper plates.
The paper plates wouldn't fit in the trashcan that was totally empty this morning! So there they sit on the edge of the counter.
The Whataburger cup was leftovers from the night before. Someone pulled it out to find out it was watered down and it also wouldn't fit in trash...along with the coke can.
The bananas were plopped on top of my canisters and the Pringles were un-bagged but not put away as well.
So, as you can see.........we're quite the messy family!

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