Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No T.V., Day 1

So New Year's Eve arrived and everyone finished their favorite show's season. Abby had to try extra hard--she watched like 6 hours a day, lol. She finished the last season of Saddle Club-a really cute show that's become her favorite. I finished the last season of Bones that was available on Netflix. I can't wait for Season 8! I'm dying to see Temperance on the run as a fugitive. Josh, on the last day finished his season of Top Gear. Abram really didn't have any he was finishing--he just watched a lot of Transformer reviews and the like, and traded off with Abby on the last few days watching different things.

The clock struck midnight--and the confetti fell. It is 2013 and the end of the world didn't arrive--I'll have to say, though I didn't think anything of it, the Mayan craze did inspire some pretty good movies. I get all the titles of them mixed up, but my favorite was the one about the big boats (Noah's ark like) where they held a lottery. Anyway, back to midnight. We were at Josh's parent's house and NO, we didn't walk up to their t.v. and push the off button! That would have been so rude. We finished our visiting and watching the confetti fall on a bunch of excited who-knows-whos, as Bubzy seemed to get a second wind and danced around the living room.

Fifteen minutes later, after a night of games and fun, I walked back home with Bubzy to nurse him to sleep. I got home and the first thing I did was reach for my iPad to watch a few YouTube videos for entertainment! I caught myself and didn't. It wasn't upsetting, just a little Ah-man-ish. So, I stared at the beautiful boy nursing in my arms and we both fell asleep. The rest of them walked home a little later.

So, January 1st really came the next morning, when we woke up a little late. We all almost turned on the t.v.! Every one of us said, "Ah Man". So, I fixed my coffee and watched as Bubzy started his Barney "I love you, you love me" dance and pointed to the t.v. I promise I'm not making that up. Abram went straight to playing with real transformers instead of watching reviews, right after breakfast. Abby sat staring at a wall for a while feeling a bit sorry for herself--I think she wrote a woe-is-me song. About an hour into being bored, though, she up and started making a sheet tent with our dining room chairs. Josh and I got into an argument out of pure boredom. Then we got up and made a room-wide sheet tent!

We SO tricked the kids! We asked them if they wanted to help us clean up in the den. Then we started sneaking sheets past them. I'm surprised they didn't catch on, but we finished before they did. When they discovered it, they went ballistic! Coolest tent EVER!! They spent the night, gathering up all the new presents to play with while they were there.

(My normal lens broke :( so my pics had to be really far away and were really hard to get right. Sorry.)

First observations of no t.v.:

  • Every song they hum is from a show! Oh my gosh. Seriously heard Barney, Saddle Club theme song, and Transformer noises all day long. I'm going to turn on some real music today and get that in their heads instead.
  • WAY messier house!! With no t.v., every toy they can find is out in their reach within seconds.
  • Pain can be felt a lot more. I have back pain and without a zone-out available, I noticed it a lot more.
  • Games become a lot more desirable. I played Battleship with Josh and Abby before we went to bed.

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  1. This is a great idea! Wishing you the best of luck and I am anxious to watch as you go.


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