Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 7 and 8 of no t.v.


Monday was a relief. We were all very busy with school and didn't really even notice until evening. Evening was pleasant as me and Josh just talked as the kids played Wii fit. I'm getting used to the house being pretty quiet.


I'm frustrated today. I'm not in the mood to blog, but I wasn't yesterday, either. I think sometimes I'm missing real life because of self-made expectations. Some of these that I've made are things like blogging well (which can take a couple of hours a day--longer if I link to multiple parties), homeschooling in a way that sounds better when telling other people about it rather than what actually works for our family, staying on facebook even though I could care less about it, and keeping lots of e-mail addresses even though I just delete most of them and then miss the ones that I wouldv'e liked to read.

Today I'm dreaming of a simpler time. A time when alarms were only by my bed. A time when I could only read my bible by opening a book. A time when I could be away from the house and know I was totally free from the phone. A time when you only had to worry about people being mad at you if you just had a face to face or voice to voice conversation. A time when I only percieved expectations coming from people I actually knew. A time when I had to sit on the office chair in front of the desk to get on the computer. And I could go on...but my family's about to start a Nerf gun war that I'm not about to miss!!


  1. The first telephone I remember was a party line. I believe there were three other families on the same line, each with their own unique ring. We could never have imagined carrying a phone with us everywhere we went, being accessible 24/7, checking email several times an hour. It's no wonder we live frantic, frenetic lives. Sitting and talking...oh, my, how quaint!

  2. I deleted my FB account this past summer and it was tough not knowing what was going on with everyone but I'm so much less distracted and I'm so much happier. If I'm hearing you correctly it sounds like you want to be less distracted. All of our conveniences make it tough but I really hope that you find something that works for you :)


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