Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 5 and 6 of No T.V.

Day 5, Saturday

Absolute torture until about 2:30. The kids were staring at me, lifting their eyebrows and giving a half-smile, a sort of hopeful glance to see if I had any ideas. I was doing the same to Josh, who was staring into space probably trying to search his mind for something we could do. If we hadn't spent so much fixing the plumbing right before Christmas, things wouldn't have been so tight financially and we would have bought ourselves out of boredom (a museum trip, skating, maybe browsing a thrift store for winter outfits). So, we sat there. And sat there.

We tried a game of Uno--boring. We started to try a game of Trivial Pursuit--too hard.

By 2:30, we were all grumpy moody messes, and we decided to go to the gun show in Pasadena. I had a headache and we had loaned out the stroller to Josh's sister and the baby-carrier to friends. We traded off carrying Bubzy for 1 1/5 hours through lined up tables of gun parts, custom-crafted knives, survival gear, and shirts that said "We don't call 911". I laughed at that one after I finally got it. We haven't been on a date-night at the shooting range since I was 5 months preggo with Bubzy (afraid the sounds would scare him in utero or even hurt his ears). And now, it's just hard to find baby-sitting. I guess a gun show will do for now, although a little boring.

We used gift cards from the past Christmas to go to McDs and let the kids play inside since it was rainy out. We talked, had ice cream after burgers, and the day started to turn for the better. By evening, things were on a roll again. Leah came by and played Just Dance with the kids and The Baby Sitter's Club board game with Abby--yes, I played--I was that bored. It was silly fun and Abby ate it up.

Day 6, Sunday

I woke up this morning a little late for church. I really don't know why I slept so deeply, but it felt great. However, my dreams have changed!! I'm not one of those people that remembers my dreams well, but I tend to remember the subject matter. Say, when I watch Bones, I'm likely to dream about an encounter with one of the characters or a run-in with a tree top skeleton. Or, if I've watched a lot of Star Trek, I am reminded the next time I watch it of the dream I had about some alien sending me on a secret mission. My dreams tend to be weird variations on the shows I frequent. But, I woke this morning dreaming about wolves. What?! I haven't watched anything about wolves in a very long time. Where did that thought come from? Anyway, it wasn't the dream itself that surprised me, but what it wasn't. It wasn't a variation of some movie or show.

The rest of the day was quite normal, considering that we rarely watch t.v. on Sundays anyway. Well, that's about it. Just hangin' with the family.

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