Friday, December 14, 2012

Changing My Blog Name

I'm a little nervous to do this, but I think it's important to do it now rather than down the road. I intended to write a lot more about living debt free, but that's just not what sparks my interest from day to day. And...I feel like Debt Free Mommy was becoming a bit of a false advertisement, so to speak. Yes, we live debt free, but to title my blog as such implies that I write about living debt free on a regular basis.

Instead, what I'm actually writing about is home. It's the journey from a home in chaos to a home that's calm and peaceful. I write about de-junking a lot, and decorating a little...and I'd love to write more about homeschooling and my spiritual journey as a Christian. My true heart's desire is a peaceful home.

So, here's to change in the New Year coming up! (Ya know...if the Mayan calender wasn't the end all. Just Kidding!!)

For a while I'll keep the sub-title to "formerly Debt Free Mommy" to reduce as much confusion as possible, but the new name of my blog is.....

Chaos 2 Calm

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