Saturday, May 11, 2013

Den/Office Before and Afters

As slow-moving as this move has been, now that I have just a glimmer of time to sit and post, I feel time is passing all too fast. I can't wait to start blogging about life in our new home, but I want to finish out the posts about my old house. I don't really know why--maybe so I can look back later. I guess it's sorta my first real try at decorating my home. I had tried before, but I did the last one knowing I would be moving. I didn't go all out for a permanent "me" look.

But this last house, the one we just sold, was going to be my forever home. It didn't end up that way. However, I decorated thinking it was. I'm proud of it. Sorta my first "baby" in decorating. When I look at the pictures I see how much I still have to learn about decorating and putting together a home, but I've come so far from where I was.

I loved the way this room felt. I think I'll miss it the most. Most people don't like wood paneling, but this was no 70's was real wood. It was gorgeous. These pictures were taken last minute as we were about to move the furniture out the very next day, but it still captured the essence of the room. I had already taken the white afghan off the green chair and the flowers out of that far pitcher, but at least I got a quick picture of what it generally looked like.

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