Friday, August 9, 2013

New Shelves in the Kid's Playroom

When we sold our old house and bought our new one, we ended up with a little more money than we had planned for. Hurray! So, even though we hadn't planned on buying any new furniture, we had the opportunity. Decisions, decisions.

Well, Abram had to have a new bed and so did Bubzy. We started with that. Then we decided that we'd love to have better toy storage. After all, that's a biggy when it comes to clutter and I really didn't want all their toys scattered about all over the playroom. (One of the reasons this had to change was a shift in storage needs. We used to have built in dressers in their closets where they put all their folded clothing. Their room dressers were used primarily for toy chests. Now, they needed these for clothing and didn't have storage for toys.)

So, off to Ikea we went. A few too many dollars later, and we had beds for both boys and toy storage for the playroom. I can't wait to show you!

It was such fun. Everyone helped put them together...even Bubzy. And, they fit perfectly!! Well, we had to cut off a bit of molding around the floor, but it's totally not noticeable.

Okay guys, just pile all the stuff on one side of the room so we have space to put shelves together.

This one?

 I got this, Mama.

Checkin' out Daddy's work.
 Daddy's there to do most of the heavy work.
 Can I try the drill, Dad?
 I need that one, Sissy.
 Bubzy really got the hang of putting the pegs in each shelf. That was his job and he was really proud of himself for helping so much.
Abby is so proud of the new shelf bins that she can use to store all their little toys in.
We even got daddy to hang some things on the wall, and Abby went right to organizing.

 YEAH!! Time to unpack!! Only one box at a time, please.

We can't wait to show you the whole room when it gets set up and organized. We feel so blessed to have an upstairs place just for playing and having fun.

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