Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quick and Easy Box Labeling

Okay, so I love all those posts about color-coding moving box labels. It's just so pretty. But...I'm just a little too lazy for that. I mean, if I'm going to color-code...it's going to last more than a move. And, personally, I'm not much of a color-coder anyway. I like stream-line, one glance, don't have to think about it or explain it to anyone.

So, here's how I label my moving boxes:

I label on the top and two sides of the box with a permanent marker. Each box has a number that's assigned to that box, the room it will go in, and who's stuff it is. See the second box down, #77?

I have a notebook, nothing fancy, where I list the boxes assigned numbers. By the assigned number is where in the house the box belongs, and then I list generally what's inside the box. I don't inventory the box or anything, but if my camera is in there, I make sure that's written down. If I know I'll be looking for it, it's written down. 

When we move in our new home and I'm looking for my camera case, all I have to do is scan down the list. Oh, it's in box #77. And then, when I or someone unpacks the box, we mark a line through it. Easy. P.S. See the line right under 77? Those items were packed in my green bin instead of a box. I could've stuck a number on it, but since I only have one green bin, I didn't.

Notice...it's easy enough that there are boxes packed by various persons in our family, and they still got labeled correctly.

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