Saturday, January 18, 2014

Making the Transfer to Wordpress: Please Follow Me There!

I LOVE this blog and it's been amazing writing it in the past year, but I am finally ready to make the switch to a self-hosted site!!


I don't want anyone that follows me to not be able to FIND me!! So, I'm giving you a heads up. Please take the time to go to and subscribe to get e-mails. It's a little messy over there right now as I'm trying to figure out all of this coding stuff...but I really don't want to loose any of you to the transfer.

This is what the heading will look like when you get there:

I hope that helps relieve any confusion!

I'll be decluttering much of my blog along the way and only keeping my favorite or most read posts. So, if there's a special post that you would dearly miss, just let me know so I can transfer it. And, don't worry...I'm not deleting this blog right away. It'll take me time to get through it all!

Love, Tabitha Fletcher (

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