Sunday, January 20, 2013

Days 15-20 of No T.V.

So, we've been without any t.v. for 20 days now. I think that's the longest we've been without. It's not as big of a deal as I thought it would be, but we're approaching the end of the month and we're starting to think about what we're going to do on a more permanent basis. I don't miss much! I could seriously go without t.v. the rest of my life with only a little discomfort, but I would enjoy watching a few family shows or movies. I miss Star Trek the most, which surprises me a little since it's not my absolute favorite. It's probably because it's one I enjoy as a family friendly choice.

Abigail and Abram have both started reading tons more than they did before--both without any prompting. Abigail's reading has absolutely exploded! She's averaging about 300 pages a week. It's sort of a mix of books--a weird mix. On one hand she's still reading books like "The Magic Treehouse" series, but on the opposite extreme, she's reading "The Hiding Place", a true story of a WW2 survivor. Then, she's reading The Babysitter's Club and Beverly Lewis Christian romances at the same time. As long as she's reading good stuff, there's no complaints here. Just curious choices is all.

Abram's having a harder time with a limited amount of video games than with t.v. He hasn't complained a bit about shows. I think Josh misses the t.v. more than anyone, but we've all stuck with it. We've been a little loose on our non-t.v. screen time lately. It's mostly a boredom cure. As long as they're (and me) playing games that aren't absorbing their attention or making them mad at each other, I haven't said anything.

I think the biggest thing we've learned through this is just that we are more focused on each other when there's not t.v. to distract us.

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  1. Not having cable can be very freeing. When we moved into our new home we opted to not hook up the cable and I haven't really missed it ans we're going into our six month without it. We do have a Netflix subscription which I'be found to be a ton of fun, especially when the kids decide to watch cartoons and TV shows that I uses to watch as a kid. All in all though it's made us more family focused and that is so nice.


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