Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 10 and 11 of No T.V.

Day 10

We're starting to feel like this is normal. No one has asked about the t.v. in days. I'm surprised though, at how little they get on the Just Dance. I thought it would be daily and it's every few days, instead. Eating at the table is becoming regular and not a special event. We just move over our school stuff, plop a paper plate down and chat as we eat. Sometimes I work on preparations for the next school day while we're at it. I really like this eating casually at the table instead of casually in front of the t.v.! I hope that it stays the new-norm.

School is going swimmingly!! There used to be nagging accompanying the morning start to school--and a little negotiation. Ya know--I'll let you watch the rest of your show at lunch if you'll pause it now. And, I know you didn't get your turn, but you can do handwriting while you watch part of it. But we need to get going before lunch! No more. As soon as I call them, they come. We sit around the table or snuggle on the couch to read. We're schooling four hours with one hour for lunch and fitting far more in to each sitting. When there's no distraction, there's momentum, and we're flying on some of the subjects that were dragging before.

Day 11--Friday

This was the first day that I was really tempted to turn on the t.v. We fried up some home-made tortilla chips (I've never fried anything at all before this--sudden bout of bravery at the stove), and they just sounded like the perfect accompaniment to a movie. The ironic thing is that I would have never made them if we were watching.

Josh was away at a men's game night and the kids were asking to use up the last of their screen time playing minecraft. They didn't have much time left, it was Friday night, and they had done awesome on school all week--so I added to their time by an hour. The kids were busy with screen time and Bubzy was asleep and nursing, so I decided to use my screen time searching for houses on HAR (Houston Area Realtors or something close to that). It felt good to know that the only time I was on the screen was the same time no one needed my attention. No guilt. The kids had fun and stayed up late playing in their rooms after I went to sleep. I usually stay up until they're out, but I told them as long as they stayed in their rooms and in-between, they could stay up until Daddy got in.

I can't believe a third of my time is over! I'm not looking forward to turning it back on, but I know everyone but me wants to. Still though, there's some permanent changes on a personal level already. I'm going to keep with no screen time while the kids are up and about. That's been the best change of all. And I have a feeling that the t.v. is going to remain off until after school time every day. I don't know what else will be permanent...but I'm hoping a big change in our viewing habits is in store.

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  1. Kudos to you! For whatever reason it's a habit here to not you turn the TV on until dinner time. I don't know how it started but maybe it's because I used to work. I have noticed though that I'll watch until bed time- that's at least 4 hours of TV at night! When you said that you slept better at night it made me more determined to watch less.


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