Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eeeek! Free Highschool Math!!

So, I normally write about the home, but in our home school is also a big part of the picture. Homeschooling can be pricey!! When Abby was in Kindergarten through 2nd grade we would spend on average about $1000 a year on curriculum. Did I just hear a few people gasp?

Oh yeah. It is not always the cheap route to a good education. But, the last year or two I've really been able to save some serious money homeschooling. Mostly, because I'm now willing to use used books. I'm still not willing to use written in workbooks, but ya know...everyone has their limits.

So, the other day, one of our family's good friends messaged me about some math curriculum she was offering me. She's a highschool math teacher in my area and also homeschooled 4 children who are all absolute geniuses. No seriously...they really are. Try near perfect SAT scores.

Anyway, here's what she gave me!!!! An almost complete highschool math "library":

If this gets you over the moon excited like it does're probably a math geek.

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