Friday, April 13, 2012

Strawberry Picking

We love finding ways that the family can enjoy time together learning or just enjoying life. We found this strawberry picking place/farmer's market a few years back and have loved going ever since. I just love that the kids can learn about how food grows, taste it while it's fresh from a place that uses no chemicals, and spend time together working.

We didn't really think of it like this, but it's also a cheaper way to get strawberries and a really inexpensive field trip. They just charge per pound for you to pick them--no entry fees of anything like that. They also have a park where you can sit and picnic while the kids swing and play. It was tons of fun and for only $13 plus gas we brought home two bucket-fulls of strawberries.

Froberg's Farm in Alvin (or near Alvin?):

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