Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Peek Into Our Easter Celebrations

It's nice to take a break from the rush of life and just turn off the computer for a while to spend time with family! Easter's a really important day for my family. We spend the entire day celebrating. I've got lots of pictures and each picture's worth a thousand words, right? So, no need to keep blabbing on. We'll get to the part you really enjoy--the pics!

We start our day with full Easter baskets for the kiddoes as we get ready for church. We were so late getting there that we were 20 minutes early for the service that was an hour later than we planned. We thought it would be a mob, but since our church, Sagemont, broke it down into 7 services for Easter, it was pretty normal.

Next, we head back home and go two doors down to eat Easter lunch with Josh's parents. We collect tons of Easter eggs and hide them a few times so the kids can really get their fun out of hunting eggs. We have an entire storage tub full! And NO it's not clutter, lol. We use them every single year. Our yearly Easter family picture, taken in front of our house. This is the one that came out "right", but I tend to like the candid one's better (below). Abby always glances to the side during pictures, lol. Every.single.time. We have to remind her to look at us when we're taking pictures. She just can't help herself. And Abram's thinking up some kind of mischief. I can see it on his face.

And then, we head over to Nana and Papa's where Uncle Tonty is boilin' up tons of crawfish. Crawfish boils are his thing. Yum! The kids gather for another hunt and then there's the family Nerts war! I don't remember who won this time cause I was dozing off with a headache, but Nerts wars in our family are serious stuff.

Well, I hope you enjoyed peeking into our Easter Sunday. Happy Resurrection Day!!


  1. Looks like your Easter was wonderful! What a joy to spend the day with family!

    1. Oh it was! I love Easter. It's been way up there on the favorites for me since I was a kid.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun and a wonderful day!

  3. Looks like a lovely family holiday. Those are always the best. Thanks for sharing, liz


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