Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm DUE in about three weeks!

I know there's a few of you wondering where in the world I've been the last several months.

Well...life sorta took over...BIG TIME.

Can you tell???

You know that post about moving to the little house that we lived in for a little over a month? Yeah, the one I decorated just to help show. Well, I found out I was pregnant while we were there!! Not good timing. Exciting news--don't get me wrong. But really bad timing. Showing a house that's not even yours while throwing up at a moments notice isn't exactly fun. I had a few cry-it-outs. NOT because of the baby, you understand. I love every baby, no matter how unplanned. I cried it out trying to survive keeping up a show-ready house while dealing with morning sickness.

Then, of course, the next move was only weeks away. A move from that house and the storage unit we rented. Not so fun for Josh, either. Excited to get and set up my house. Sick enough to want to stay on the couch and do absolutely nothing!

Then, new neighboring kids start showing up DAILY!! Like, two extra children to watch, entertain, and get to know...all while preparing for the coming home-schooling year...while morning sickness continued.

Then school started! Ugh. The house was just getting settled, I didn't feel a bit good, I hadn't set my first doc appt yet, and now school was upon us. So doctor appointments and school start at the same time! That was the latest I had ever seen the doctor after becoming pregnant. I was two months along when I found out and almost three and a half by the time they fit me in!! Good thing it's my fourth and I knew all about prenatal vitamins, how to take care of myself, and all of that.

Let's just say the news didn't get around that quickly. I was kinda in a daze, honestly. I've never had such a foggy pregnancy.

Then both of my grandmothers die in the same month and two months later Josh's grandmother dies!!! Oh my word. Talk about hormonal.

Blogging was the very last thing on my mind. I kept thinking, "I outta at least let everyone know". But no. It just didn't happen.

Then I was put on blood pressure meds...which is normal for me, but miserable because you feel like you're drowning in tiredness. Just doing school and cooking dinner was a huge accomplishment every day.


Just letting you all know....

I'm due in like 20 DAYS. Yeah, I know. CRAZY, right?!


But, Eeeek...I can't WAIT!!!! This baby is kicking like crazy and I've been talking and bonding with him and it's like the best thing ever. But I'm SO exhausted.

Just thought everyone should know before random baby pics start showing up on here!

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