Monday, September 10, 2012

Making Space Mondays, Linky Party #15

We've been busier than normal lately and oh how I'm ready for life to settle in again! First of all, the house is going along well. This week they laid the driveway and sidewalks. They won't be doing much next week at all, but then up comes the frame, which I'm just super excited about.
I absolutely love how the curve of the sidewalk turned out. It was very little extra and I just think it makes such an impact! Have any of y'all built a new house? Did you get to make any outdoor changes that you loved? I just love a nice curve in architecture, and since there's very little I can change, I took what I could get. I also ordered a very traditional door with an elongated oval in the center. I think there was just one other person in the neiborhood who chose to have the same door. I can't wait to see it up in a few months.

I am more and more excited each week that we chose a corner lot!! Do you know it was only $2K more for the option? A yard with no back neighbors was like $7-9K extra!! Whew. No can do. But, a big 'ol corner, where I can watch the kids ride bikes from four different directions was something we could afford and did. I'm so glad. And I bet the neighborhood will be glad that sidewalk is finally getting finished, too. I'm looking forward to meeting and/or waving at people who come by to pick up their mail. I can just imagine sitting and reading while the kids rided bikes and waving at the someday familiar cars that pick up their mail right at the end of our fence.

Little Bubzy turned one!!!! I can not wrap my mind around it--honestly I can't. How did this go by so fast?? And speaking of fast, my oldest is going to by 10 in October. Man. Just man!

Things have been a little topsy-turvy the last week and a half with the painters here! We got out a small signature loan to get the house up to the standard we can sell it at. It's been a long time since we've had a loan, but I really have a peace about it. It's not more than we can pay off in 6 months if we end up sitting on the house, and if all goes as planned it will get paid off with the sale of the house.
Our bedroom is temporarily in the living room, the kids are sleeping on the huge couch in the den and their mountains of stuff are all stored in the breakfast room. It's a MESS!! The painters will be here until tomorrow and the carpet's being put down on Wednesday. We're cutting it close, but we need this house on the market and quick!

Even little Joshua helped out in getting the living room ready to sleep in! He LOVES helping Daddy vacuum. It's so cute to see him grunt at the vacuum cleaner and point until we allow him to help. 

[I'm going to leave this link open for a few weeks to get the house set up for market. Just keep on linking up and coming back. I really really appreciate all of you who regularly link up!! -Tabitha]


  1. Happy birthday to your adorable little boy..he's cute as a bottom! You have a lovely family and I hope everything comes along just fine with your new house. Thank you for the invite, great party you're hosting!

    1. Thanks, Fabby! He's a joy. Thanks for linking up. -Tabitha

  2. Thanks so much to everyone who linked up! I really do appreciate each link up and I love reading through all the posts--although I'm terribly behind right now. -Tabitha

  3. I just found your great blog, and I am off to explore. I so want to be debt free and , I can use all the ideas I can get. Hugs, Lynn

    1. Ah thanks! I hope you find some helpful information, but I'm always willing to write new posts if there's something I haven't already covered if you have questions. That is...if I've got an answer or opinion. It's so nice to meet you, Lynn. -Tabitha


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