Friday, August 31, 2012

Moving Challenge #5

Attack Something Scary!

Can you hear the scary movie themed music?

That one little scary cabinet, drawer or closet is going to get scarier the longer you wait. It's time to tackle it--for at least 15 minutes. This place for me was under the kid's bathroom sinks. I had been putting it off the entire time we lived here! (This house has so many nooks and crannies that it took me lots of time to reach them all--and this was the last one inside the house.) Everything else had been done at least once, but that was the black hole. Only a few rarely used things, like the humitifier, were stored there. As is typical, if I had known how easy it would be, I'd have done it long ago!

It was so dark and dirty that I was scared of what I'd find. It ended up just being a bunch of dirt, a few stains and two sunflower seed shells. It didn't even take scrubbing!! Why oh why did I wait so long???

 This is after I gave it a light scrub down--easy peasy! Then to cover up the stains I just laid some paper down. Then I just put the same stuff back in and added the stool and baby bathtub. I wouldn't have trusted them in this area before.

 This was the other side. It was just as bad and just as easy to clean up. And here are both sides together. This seriously took me 15 minutes!

So, what scary little nook or corner have you been putting off?


  1. maybe our garage? :) It seems like I can't keep it straight and clean!

    1. LOL! I wiiiiish my garage was my only "scary" place, lol. Although, they are getting fewer. -Tabitha


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