Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of School 2012

It's that time of year again--Back to School time! While most mommies are breathing a sigh of relief in their time schedule, mine just got busier. But along with busier comes tons of fun.

We started off our week shopping for a few new things, because after all new things are fun to explore. While researching what curriculum choices we would make this year, one thing kept popping it's head out at me--my children were begging to learn about the body. Book after book was pointed out and argued for why it should be in this next year's school drawers. Cookbooks, anatomy coloring books, body puzzles, coming of age starter books like The American Girl's The Care and Keeping of You, and even things like survival skill books were favorite picks for this year.

It's always ultimately my choice what curriculum to use, but when I see a theme in what they're begging to learn, I don't ignore it. They wanted to learn about the body. So, the focus this year will be just that--anatomy, health, and cooking lessons.

The kid's were literally jumping up and down when I surprised them with an anatomy doll puzzle and a Science Chef book of recipes and experiments!! I was going to wait until everything was all organized into the drawers, but they were hopping with anticipation. We had to start NOW!! It was so much fun.

They unpackaged the anatomy doll and kept busy on it until they figured it out, all the while arguing about which part was what. It made me smile. Then we continued some of the workbooks we hadn't finished before summer break and watched some tutes on YouTube about how to chop an onion. Then of course, we had to use up all of Mama's onions in one fell swoop trying it out. The first day was a blast!

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