Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why I Hired Painters

I did it!! I hired painters for the first time in my life. I know--it's a big leap for people like us, who have done almost all other house repairs on our own. So why did I make the choice?

Well, this is the first time I've had the money to hire outside work, for one. But that wasn't my main reason. My number one reason is that I just want to finally be settled in! I moved 13 times by the time I was 15. That was city to city, school to school, and even state to state...not little down the street kind of moves. We finally have the house we might really stay in and I'm ready for it to feel like home. I just can't wait any more.

Josh has been crazy busy at work lately as well. Family time is beginning to be a little crunched, and at this point in our lives the time was more precious than the money. The stress of doing home repairs weighs heavy on Josh, and if I can alleviate that at all, I want to. I want the front areas of the house--kitchen, den, living/dining--to be settled and calm. No more big projects up there for a while...at least until things calm down and there's some serious rest.

The other thing is expense. If you really logically look at cost, you also have to look at the amount your time costs you. Josh makes a certain general per/hour amount. If the painters get in and out of there for less per hour than the amount Josh makes an hour, and we have it in the bank to spend without going into costly debt, than the cost is actually less even when it pinches a little to spend it.

So, all that and you really just want to see the pictures anyway...right?

Here's the paint we used, which cost us a truckload less because we were using Ruben Olvera as our painter...really shows how experienced they are when you go into buy paint and they know his name well!

Sherwin Williams all the way, baby!! And at the same cost as Valspar, too...believe me I shopped around.

And the work started yesterday! You'll have to wait for the results--tick tock. I know you just can't wait. 

And what were we spending our precious saved time on??

Learning from Marmee (black shirt, bottom right) how to make home-made butter--YUMMERS! Oh, and home-made whip cream and buttermilk, too. It was so yummy I can't even tell you. And it only took 20 minutes. Wow!

And we did a little much needed goofing off, too.

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