Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Salad Mix

I love salad, but I make it for more than just one reason. It's healthy, it makes meals go farther, and it turns an unhealthy cheap meal into something at least half way healthy. For example, let's take a frozen pizza. If I'm cooking just one normal size frozen pizza, it will only feed half of my family and it's not that healthy. If, on the other hand, I have a good salad prepared to use with many meals throughout the week, then one pizza can feed my entire family and it's balanced by the half plate full of greens and veggies. Not terrible.

So, what is my Salad Mix made up of? I do have a basic, which I'll share below, but it really depends on what I have on hand. I always have Romaine lettuce (preferably hearts). Everything else is subject to change. If I have fresh Spinach from a meal I cook that week, the extras go in. I use fresh herbs in cooking, so any extras that might otherwise go to waste, get thrown in the mix.

Typically, I start off with:
Romaine Hearts
Red Leaf Lettuce
Fresh Spinach (half because the other half is used in cooking)
Bell Pepper
Then I put in separate bowl for them to add as desired:
Sunflower Seeds
Dried cranberries
Ranch Dressing

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