Monday, September 16, 2013

Master Closet Turned Toddler Playroom

You should see the closets in this house...Ahhhhhh!

I mean they are so dreamy! They're huge with built in shelves and ventilation and bright fluorescent lights. Amazing!! When I saw the closets in this house, I thought two things; why in the world did they not post these pics of closet space on Realtor? and I am SO GLAD they didn't put these amazing closet space pics on-line! I think this house would have sold like lightning if it would've been obvious. I know we snatched it right up! We're bargain hunters and we didn't even try that hard. (We at least got 'em down a little, but not like Dave Ramsey-would-be-proud kind of bargain.)

So, when I walked into the master bedroom after deciding this was for us, an idea started developing.

Look at the size of this closet: It's about 9x7

Okay...I know, I know...I've seen bigger, too. But when you're used to a closet this size:
(The left side was Josh's and the right side with the little hanging shelves was mine. I mean, every piece of clothing I had that didn't fit in a dresser was right there: all seasons, maternity, scarves...everything.) 
Why in the world would I need a closet as big as what I got?
So, Josh and I decided to share the men's closet and use the big one for Bubzy's own little play space/room. 
At first we tried putting Bubzy's new little toddler bed in there and making it a tiny bedroom. I started putting the bed together...and Abby turned into Ms. Fix-it and took right over. She LOVED building her own little project and I think she did the whole thing almost by herself.

We put a little rug and bean bag chair in the corner and it turned out so cute! Problem was...Bubzy didn't want to give up sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed, and even 7 steps away was too far. He loved it during the day, though and started calling it "Mine". He would go and sit on the bed, swing on the bar he could reach, and pull out toys to play with. We moved the bed right beside ours and we're still in the transition faze of getting him out of our bed, but it's at least possible now. We hope to move it back to this when he's a year older and sleeping on his own regularly.  

So, it pretty much stayed this way, minus the bed, until a week into school. We couldn't keep up with folding the we washed, dried, and threw most of it in a basket. We kept stashing them behind the couch and folding little bits as we could. Well...I hosted a Ladies Night Out, and decided to throw all the clean clothes in Bubzy's space. Then we got a huge bag of hand-me-downs for Bubzy that also got dropped in there. That was last Thursday. Then, on Sunday we decided to tear through it to find clean socks and an outfit that would fit Bubzy.  
It looked like this in no time flat! Ahhhhhhh!
 We weren't going to leave it that way long...Bubzy kept going in there looking for his Legos and saying "Mine". I hated to shoo him out of his own little space, but I mean...look at it! (At least they were all CLEAN clothes, right?)
This weekend, we decided to make a project out of it, organizing his new hand-me-downs, looking through the clothes he had out to see what needed to be put away, folding all those neglected clean clothes...wrinkled and all, and make it into Bubzy's own little playroom. We had no idea it would turn into a half day project!

Josh was a huge help as he took load after load of clean clothes to the bed to other stuff like, "Hey Babe, can you put this way up there for me?"!
That much! Oh, no, that was a whittled down pile. Thanks Hun! 
As the clean clothes disappeared from the floor and the fabulous new pile of Bubzy sized clothes were sorted, the floor started to look normal again. It just needed some toy sorting with help from Bubzy and a good vacuuming.
Now for the RESULTS:




So...what do y'all think, gals?? We LOVE it!!
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