Friday, June 29, 2012

BIG NEWS!! Like 2500sq. ft kind of news!

So, come to find dream home was not Josh's dream home!! And honestly, after letting go, I've got a bigger dream than I once had. The last several weeks have been a flurry of emotions for me. For one thing, we're at the end of a homeschool year, and I am still a little behind. (Not too bad, but still). For another, we are about to take a huge leap of faith. I'm talking, quickly shuffle your dinky parachute on and leap out of a plane kind of leap of faith!! Our insurance on the house just took it's third consecutive rise. Every single year, the insurance has sent us a letter stating that our insurance is going up another $200 per year. This is the third year in a row. We talked to some neighbors and some of them are having a hard time keeping their insurance without doing excessive work on the house. People that have tried to change have found that no one was excepting new policies for this area. We are already spending FOUR Xs the national average for home insurance!!!! If that's not crazy enough to make you think of moving... Here's our situation: We went into the house with about $25K-$30K in equity. That was before we did any renovating. It's now inching it's way up to $40K and with what we plan to do before selling, it'll likely hit the mark. That's just the first thing. Second, this house is so leaky (air) that in the summer if you want it cool enough for comfort, you have to fork over about $500-$600 per month in electricity. Most people in new homes are paying closer to $200. Then, about twice a month there's something that comes up and needs attention. Most of it has been very minor...we need to chaulk that crack, we need to add some dirt to these holes in the back yard, I need to get the carpets cleaned, the racoons are back and we need to trap them again...etc. Still, that's about $200 on average a month that we're spending to maintain this aging home. Now, here's the killer............ready for this......................if we can sell this house for what a realtor has told us we could likely get for it, considering the equity, the lower insurance, the to-die-for interest rates we can get (we've got to-die-for credit, too), and the really low energy bill, plus we wouldn't have to fix stuff every other week.............we could buy a brand spanking new, built the way we like it, home, for only about $250 more a month!!!! Dropping your jaw??? Yeah, me too!! Actually, it almost makes me sick to my stomach. The little things that have needed fixing have really taken their toll on Josh. He's been far busier at work these past couple of years than when we moved in and he really doesn't have the energy anymore to fix all that little stuff. He just needs to come home, play with the kids, eat dinner, watch some tv, and chill out! It's like he hasn't had a real weekend in almost three years. Anyway, all that to say...we just might be MOVING!!! Boy am I nervous!! So, what do y'all think???? We would be going down in sq. ft. a little, but we'd have more living space, if that makes any sense. We'd have a smaller back yard, but bigger than the typical for brand new houses. And, my blog would no longer be focusing on fixing up, but just on decorating and organizing. And, since we would be on an even tighter budget, well that means even more creative thinking and purse-string pulling...right? I would love to hear from y'all! Any thoughts and opinions, questions and conserns are welcome.


  1. We live in a small "fixer" that we bought almost six years ago and I honestly never want to look at another can of paint again...ever. So I understand completely. Having to mow the lawn in the summer is enough for my hubby and doing fixer projects every weekend is no longer our idea of fun. I truly hope that it all works out :)

  2. Oh yes, and I was wrong about the insurance going up $200/yr. Josh said it went up $800 the first year and $600 the second! Not my idea of affordable. Decorating is my idea of fun, but fixing stuff that breaks because it's old is not. I LOVE things like the stone wall and enormous back yard, but old houses do come with a price, and it's beginning to cross that line from worth it to not. We went looking again today...and I'm getting really excited about the prospect.


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