Monday, May 14, 2012

New Entryway!!

I am so excited to show you my new entryway!! When we painted the living room and dining room, we also had them paint the entryway...but we had to wait a little while to decorate it as the house was in shambles for a while. But alas! We've done it. Painting's hung, furniture's in, floor's clean, and of course I got a few pretties at the thrift store to make it beautiful. So, here it is:

I just adore how it turned out!! It cost me hardly anything since I already owned the furniture, mirror and fake tree. I bought the rest at a local thrift store. Bubzy approves!

 I found this gorgeous basket, a Pottery Barn urn, a little table, Crate and Barrel coasters (not shown) and a few other goodies at the thrift store down the street. They were all just perfect! For now I'm using the Pottery Barn urn as an umbrella holder, but that might find its way elsewhere in my house. I was looking for Entryway stuff, but I just couldn't pass up on that.

So, what did my entryway look like before?

Umm...yeah. Pretty bad, eh? Here are some close-ups of different parts of my entryway:

 This is the corner by the front door. I put our old tropical tree there and the cute little table I bought from the thrift store. I also bought this little silver tray to put under the table to draw more light into that corner of the room. I'm not too sure about where I hung the clock. It looks wrong. I can't decide if I'm going to hang something like keys under it or just move the clock down. Any thought?

This is my entryway chest from Ikea. I bought it dirt cheap, like $25 lightly used from family. I store our incoming and outgoing stuff here. The top drawers are dedicated to mail, but I haven't set up my system for mail yet--hopefully won't be too long before I get around to that. The bottom drawer holds my PITS stuff (Pass IT Stuff). I always have outgoing what-nots there, anything from thrift store donations to a plate that the neighbor brought cookies on. I don't know how we obtain so many things that belong to other people, but I need a big drawer for all of this. The middle drawer is usually stuff that I need time to handle but it's keep--usually left behind holiday decor, like Christmas mugs that were in the dishwasher when we put up the decor.

Oh, and did I tell you about this painting? Gorgeous!! It's my absolute favorite. This was painted by the previous owner of the house and the stone floor in the painting...get the same stone floor in the entryway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who can say they have that???!!! Is that weird that I'm so excited about something like that?

This is our "mud room" space. I created seating for putting on and taking off shoes next to a basket to store them in. This is also where I chose to put a mirror to glance at before heading out the door.

This is the coat closet area and the only area I'm not exactly pleased with. I think the walls are what bug me. They're just too bland. It's the perfect place to hang a few momentos and family photos, but that will come with time I guess. And, the closet needs a good cleaning out.

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