Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Old Budget

This was our old budget from when things were so tight. Looking back at it I'm amazed. Things worked out a little off plan most months. If someone invited us to dinner on Sunday for a family birthday, for example, we would take it out of the oops money. But then, someone would invite the kids to a birthday party at Chucky Cheese the same month. The pizza was provided for the kids, but we had to eat and get a small gift. We took some from the church giving and a little from groceries. We decided early on that our date nights were sacred--it was the glue that held us together. Christmas was nothing short of a miracle...and, no we didn't use the credit card.

Budget for 2006 (year changed for privacy)

Income per 2 weeks: 1235 + overtime


            Church                                                             40        Check

            Ministry Partnership                                        15        Check

            Grocery Line Blessing                                    15        Fun/Give Acct.

            Abigail                                                            05        Abby’s Acct.

            Abram                                                             05        Abram’s Acct.

            Total:                                                              80


            Emergency Fund                                              30        Tabitha Acct.

            Total:                                                              30

Debt Elimination Plan

            Mortgage                                                                310      Debt Elim. Acct.

            Chase CC                                                        270      Debt Elim. Acct.

            Amex CC                                                        40        Debt Elim. Acct.

            Honda                                                             105      Debt Elim. Acct.

            Total:                                                              725


            Groceries                                                         120      Nec. Acct.

            Date Night                                                      30        Nec. Acct.

            Gas                                                                  100      Nec. Acct.

            Oops Money                                                   50        Emerg. Acct.              

            Total:                                                              300


            Electricity                                                        100      Bills Acct.

            Car Insurance                                                  55        Bills Acct.

            Home phone/Internet                                      25        Bills Acct.

            Cell Phone                                                       32        Bills Acct.

            Water                                                              33        Bills Acct.

            Total:                                                              245


            Giving                                                             80

            Savings                                                            30

            Debt Elimination                                             725

            Necessities                                                      300

            Bills                                                                 245

            Grand Total/2wks:                                        1380

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