Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome to Our New Home

I really love our new neighborhood. I've always dreamed of living in a place like this. Not that I wouldn't mind a huge piece of land in the mountains or a deserted island--but this is the kind of dreamy that meets with our reality. Here it is!

I just LOVE all the trees in this neighborhood. I was a little worried about that when we decided to buy a whole lot newer house. This house was built in 2006. We're on a corner lot, which was one of my biggest wish list items, along with it being on a culdesac, which it also is. Seriously gals, I really thought this would only remain a dream until the day we moved in. I'm in love!
Come on in and plop your shoes by the front door. This view was what drew us in in the first place. As soon as I saw the art niches all lined up neatly across from the stairs in a big 'ol wide hall, I knew I had to look. Let me tell ya, though. I had no idea how incredibly roomy in felt! We walked in the first time and just gasped. It was like, ROOM. Lots and lots of airy space. I can breath in here.

 To the left of the front door is our office, which I'm going to turn into a library. Don't know when exactly, but I've got about a bazillion books waiting to be unpacked in there.

Don't you just love the neat curve at the bottom of the stairs? This house is a 1 1/2 story. All the bedrooms are down. The only rooms up are a big game room, which we're turning into the kid's playroom, a media room, and a small half bath. Perfect! All the mess stays upstairs. Told you it was dreamy.
Opposite the office, to the right of the front door, is our dining room. It's got a nice view out to our front yard at the end of the culdesac.

Okay, so I'm a wee bit excited about my kitchen. Gas stove top--check. 42" cherry cabinets--check. Island kitchen--check. Laundry room right off the kitchen--check. Built in kitchen desk--squeal!! Pantry--check. Can it get any better than this?
 Breakfast room right off the kitchen.
Ah! A perfect living room to relax in. Gotta love all that light coming in the windows.

 And a fireplace--another squeal!
There's a little alcove that sits behind the living room and leads to the kid's rooms and bathroom.
I really like the kid's alcove. Gotta think of a cute way to decorate it. The bathroom's in the middle, Abram's room to the left, and Abby's to the right, a little out of this picture.

And, this one's just to show you how the main living area is laid out.

So, what do y'all think?? Isn't it just perfect?
I can't wait to blog my way through this house! It's just so nice. I can't wait to show you the kid's rooms and playroom and the backyard. Oh, there's so much to show...but it'll just have to come in little spurts. We're also gearing up for school right now, so time's a little tight.
It's great to be back!
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