Saturday, July 21, 2012

Getting the Guest Bedroom Ready

So, this week I've been getting the guest bedroom ready for my sister! She'll be staying with us for a few weeks on business and possibly moving here soon after. I'm SOOOOOO excited that she'll be so close!

But...this is going to be a little stressful despite the excitement. We have to do sheetrock work and paint done in all the back rooms, including the guest bedroom. She and her son, Cade, will be shuffled around during all of that. Plus, and this is the big one...I don't have my secret lair anymore, lol. My guest bedroom is my dungeon of all things out-of-place:


And that wasn't the worst it got, either. When we started moving around stuff there were coffee tables, chairs, empty tubs...etc all over the room. And then we put a big fold out chair right inside the door. WISH I had a picture...NOT!

So, my dumping ground is being cleared out, and I must say it's looking a ton better. I'm getting to the closet and dresser today and then we'll get some after pics for you. Please be praying for me. I'm trying to get rid of as much as possible. [Update after pics below!]

Oh, and the other day this little thought popped into my head in regards to decluttering:

If an archeologist from the future was going through my stuff, would the story that s/he came up with really reflect who I am?

Why, look at this Mr. Future, she must have really loved cross-stitching! She's got an entire organized container full of thread and how-to books galore. Oh yes, and she must not have valued her pictures. They seem to all be in random spots around the room...none framed and very few photo books.

But no. That's not true of me at all. But that's what my STUFF would tell you about me. So why have things that don't speak truth about who you are as a person? Why in the world would I keep cross-stitch stuff that I haven't touched in a decade in the same place as my treasured photos?

Anyway...I hope to be back soon with some after pics of the guest bedroom...the very temporary, only until we move, guest bedroom...but still.

Update: Pics of Guest Bedroom

I didn't buy anything at all since we're going to be moving soon anyway. This is not my all out decor, mind you, but it was the make it comfy for sis clean up.

A comfy place to read and a little work space.

 The picture below isn't a great one but it let's you see the arangement of the room.
 The kid's assignment: Find anything in the house light and bright!
 This painting is one of my favorites. It's a field of bluebonnets painted by the previous owner of the house.
 I emptied every drawer to make sure she had enough space for her things. I left a few videos for Cade to watch on the old t.v.
 I LOVE this chair, also inherited when we bought the house. It just needs recovering.
 I put a trashcan by the desk and a box for Cade's toys.
 The room ended up with an americana touch.
 And of course, you can't have a guest bedroom without some great magazines to flip through, right?
Well, what do you think? I mean the free, I didn't spend a penny thoughts. Go at least that easy!

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  1. Great job and I love that quilt! Free makeovers are the best! :) Stopping by from the party at You're Talking Too Much!

    1. Nice to meet you, Sara! Thanks. That quilt was from my husband's aunt if I can remember right. It's one of his keepsakes. -Tabitha


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